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As someone who likes to unlock people’s inner potential when it comes to making visual art, with a background in Fine Art and Brand Design, I compiled the most valuable lessons from a successful 20+ years career as a professional designer and painter. I transformed the lessons into a handful of secret steps that helped me prepare for my art-making while reigniting my creative spark. My research and work turned into others doing the same.

And now I get to share that with the world, starting with you! If you’re a new or experienced artist/creative who is looking for the courage to start and/or the confidence/spark to continue your creative practice I’d love to work with you. Every person has a creative gift that they are meant to share with the world and I can help you build a bridge to make it happen. If you're ready for that bridge and (re)discover the creative uniqueness within you, email me to learn more or book a workshop here.


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