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Ancient stories that have been passed on by generations give us the ability to magnify our gaze. My hand-drawn pastel art primarily stems from my inner life as well as my deep love for animals and nature. Woven with mythology and folk tales, my work is meant to be a doorway that allows us to go beyond the visible. A creative mirror that opens up possibilities.

In 2020 the world as we knew it changed, and so did my entire life. Little did I know that it was only the beginning of a two-year quest to rebuild my health, self-esteem, and find my creative fire again. I left a financially successful corporate design career that had emptied my creative soul and found myself in midlife with no idea about where to go or what to do. A cycle of burnout, chaos, and illness that culminated with massive personal loss took me to the realization that I wanted more, more passion, more connection, and more creativity in every dimension. I was ready to take the risk to just be me and dedicate all of it to building a meaningful art business that would fulfill my passion and help others find and/or reconnect to theirs.

I do this work to serve and bring joy through my art AND to offer tools and help others to (re)ignite their creative fire with easy, proven, and effective steps.

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