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Brief full moon meditation

It's summer in Alsace, France and we have been enjoying a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. My local farmer's strawberry production has been outstanding so far and I savor the tasty reds every day with equal doses of pleasure and gratefulness. Being a naturally curious person I wanted to learn a little more about the delicious fruit and after some quick digging I found out a few fun facts. For example, strawberries are native to North America and it wasn't until the Renaissance that they were cultivated in Europe. Strawberries became popular in the 19th century and were considered a luxurious dessert.

On June 14th 2022 we're gifted with a Strawberry Moon. The cool name stems from it coinciding with the time for the harvest of strawberries for the Native Americans. This moon is also called a supermoon due to the fact that it is really close to the earth and about thirty percent larger than usual. It comes with a strong energy about embracing our personal truth. It is an opportunity to align ourselves with nature's cycles and own what we believe in. Given that the June full moon happens right in the middle of the year it holds great potential to reflect on the goals we set early this year.

Here is a quick and enjoyable meditation practice that you can do during the time of the full moon: find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and will be uninterrupted for about five minutes. Sit with your legs crossed (or on a chair) with your spine erect. Start taking a few deep inhalations followed by long exhalations. If you are able to see the moon, softly gaze at it and absorb the luminous energy. After about one minute visualize what you'd like to have accomplished by the end of the year, pick around three goals and for about thirty seconds each, visualize it in your mind as if it has already happened. Most importantly, feel like it already happened. Give thanks to the moon and feel supported by her on this journey. Go back to the breath, another three long inhalations and exhalations while you dive into a feeling of gratefulness, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be and everything will unfold as it should. If your eyes are closed gently open them and slowly return to regular breathing. Ommmmm....

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