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Heart-mind connection meditation

We're going through a heatwave where I live in Northern France and as we're not used to these high temperatures, it can be challenging for people and animals. My dog and my cats are finding the coolest places in our home to relax and sleep, a lot... It is hard to find motivation when the weather doesn't cooperate, however, in my experience what never fails is to meditate. Although I have an established meditation practice that follows a certain pattern, today with the heat and the slowlyness of it all, while I was painting and then preparing a post I saw my Heart-Mind painting and thought what a wonderful opportunity to try something new. So I got up from my art table, passed by sleepy cats and joined my dog Vivaldi in the coolest room of the house. I then spontaneously engaged in a heart-mind connection meditation and it worked very well. It is my pleasure to share it with you.

I invite you to block out a time every day for a week, 5-10 minutes is enough to notice a difference on how you feel. Find a comfortable place at home or in nature to lay down quietly while concentrating on taking slow, deep breaths. Make sure that your phone is off and that you will be undisturbed. Meditation with music is a magical combo and to enhance your experience, try adding in soothing, peaceful music. Shift your attention from the thinking mind to the feeling heart while you gently place your hand on your heart. This part is important as your body will automatically relax as you become aware of your heartbeat. If you need to adjust your position to feel more comfortable do so now, for example adding a pillow under your knees or neck. As you keep taking deep breaths notice how your nervous system starts to relax. Breath naturally now and with each inhalation, feel your heart beat and with each exhalation release any locked tension, continue with this practice for about 5 minutes. Gently and slowly open your eyes when ready and enjoy your day.

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Hi Natalie! Thanks for sharing this beautiful meditation with us 🤩 I loved it! And the painting too. It’s very special and I feel good vibes when I look at it. well done, you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍

I know very well how challenging heat waves are. Wellcome to our ‘hot as hell summer’ 🌞🤪Every year we n Spain, it gets worse and worse due to the climate change and some how, still some people deny the fact that what we are doing to fix this issue, is just not enough. Try to keep cool and avoid going out between 14 and 19.30 pm. Take care, sweetie! 😘😘😘

Replying to

Thank you for your kind comment, it means a lot!. I miss my dear Spain, but not the heat 😉… climate change is a real issue and I’m glad that you mentioned it, we all need to be aware and make choices in our daily lives that help our earth, …we have a collective responsibility to take care of our planet! 🌍🌱💚

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